~The February 2011 issue of The Humanitarian is here!~

HIC is a forum for all of the humanitarian student organizations at the University of Florida to coordinate their manpower, resources, ideas and passion!!

Welcome to Humanitarian Interaction on Campus!  

Amidst the hate and violence that we see every day in the news, we wish to provide a beam of hope. In these times of international conflict - political, economic, and cultural - we believe that there IS something being done to help. There is hope.  

The students in our campus organizations are doing our best to make a difference in the lives of
many around the globe - in Nicaragua, Colombia, Bolivia, Guatemala, Afghanistan, the Palestinian
territory, Uganda and more. We fight poverty, disease, corruption and injustice by going on service trips, building houses and schools, donating medical supplies, empowering women and children, and spreading awareness about global development issues.

As you can see, our reach is vast but our aim is singular: we want to do our part to end suffering
around the world. Our monthly newsletters cover the amazing projects that our groups do.  We have accomplished much, but still have far to go. 

So please do your part - ACT NOW!  Because together we can do more.

Amanda Monaco
HIC Coordinator 2010-2011

We hope that the missions of each of our individual groups will benefit from working together with like-minded people.

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